For the past several years, my daughter has gone to D-NOW, a youth retreat put on by our church. This year, however, she was sick in the days leading up to it, missing most of school that week. And at first, we thought it would be best to just keep her home to make sure she didn’t get sick again. But Friday afternoon, when she got home from school, she packed her bags with the expectation of going.

“Well, what about getting enough rest?” we’d asked her.

“It’ll be fine,” she’d said. “I’ve slept all week.”

“Well, what about all your homework?” we added.

“My chemistry teacher is the host for the girls and she’s promised to help catch me up on notes I missed after we have Bible study.”

And so on, and so on. Until finally she thwarted all our excuses and we let her go.

Then she got home on Sunday afternoon and went into her bedroom (not abnormal for her or any other teenager, for that matter), and I figured she was just resting from the long, eventful weekend. But right before dinner, she told me she has something to show me and so I went into her room.

Now for the ones of you that know my daughter, you know she’s a performer. She loves to sing, dance, act, and has recently been teaching herself to play the guitar. So when I found her sitting on the bed, with the guitar in her hand, I didn’t think much about it.

And then she sang.

As she strummed away at the chords, singing a song about Jesus she’d written that afternoon, tears filled my eyes and I stood there in awe of this amazing young lady who loves Jesus. Then when she finished, she said, “Good thing I went to D-NOW, huh?”

Looking back, I know the devil was trying hard to keep her away that weekend – with the sickness and then our objection in trying to do what we thought was right. But after all that, God prevailed. God kept pressing, kept knocking down obstacles, kept trudging forward until His will was done and a beautiful song was written about His glory.

I am just thankful that He is much more persistent than I could ever be.



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