A girl's journey to find Christ and the evil things out there that try to keep her from it.
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Seventeen-year-old Allison Montgomery is stuck spending another summer with her grandparents and prepares herself for another dull and routine visit. But with strange dreams invading her slumber, a rocky friendship with her grandparents’ teenage neighbor, John Whitman, and a romance with local heart-throb, Logan Tucker, it’s just the beginning of a summer she’ll never forget.

John and Logan expose Allison to their different beliefs, leading her down paths of both light and darkness, while bizarre nightmares continue to plague her nights. And when she discovers her feelings for each boy isn’t what she expected, she’s left uncertain about everything – including her sanity.

In the end, Allison must choose, not only which relationship is worth saving, but what she truly believes in. She’ll find that some decisions are forever.

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