Saving Scarlett
Scarlett Young searches to uncover the mysterious connection Riley Shelton has to the evil lurking around a small tourist town. The truth may be the only thing to save everyone - including Scarlett.
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Scarlett Young has big plans after graduation: college on the far side of the country and a new life that doesn’t include any traces of her old one. That is if she can survive a summer in Lost Creek.

But when she uncovers something evil creeping along the edges of the community and its strange connection to local nineteen-year-old Riley Shelton, surviving may be harder than she thought.

Danger continues to grow while Scarlett discovers the people of Lost Creek are not what they seem, including the handsome and mysterious Blake, who lives next door. With his help, she may be able to expose the truth and prevent the wickedness in town from spreading. But if she’s not careful, she may not be able to save anyone…including herself.

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