I’m back in high school. (I dream a lot about being back there) I think it’s the first day, but I seem to be the only one not certain of where I need to go. I just wander the halls, looking for my locker and I realize I don’t have anything with me. I don’t have my ID, my purse, my school supplies, nothing. I don’t even have a schedule.

I keep walking and find myself out at the track. The coach there is screaming for me to “RUN!” Looking at what I’m wearing (t-shirt, jeans, and flipflops), I try to explain that I’m not ready. The coach doesn’t care and just screams it again, so I take off running. But I just keep running, and not on the track, until I’m away from the school.

And now I’m in a car. I don’t really know how I got in a car, but I’m in one as a passenger. The car pulls to the curb and I have to get out and open the back door for someone (maybe the door is child-locked, I don’t know). But as I step out of the car and open the door, I tell the person in the backseat to watch out because there’s poop on the ground. They just look at me, giving me the oddest glare. I look down and I’ve stepped right in the middle of it.

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