Sorry, I haven’t posted any of my dreams lately, but it seems as if my mind has hidden them away from my waking self. But now I finally have one to share.

My husband and I stopped by Dairy Queen to get ice cream cones (a dream in of itself) and then we pull onto the road. There’s a car in front of us – a high concept car, I would have to assume. It’s round and the top hinges back so the driver can climb in. It has no wheels. It spins and the driver has to lean forward to get it going. So there we are, behind the round car at a stop light, watching the man in front of us eat an ice cream cone himself. I keep wondering how he’s going to maneuver this automobile when the light changes, and then it does, and he can’t go. We’re on an incline and he keeps leaning forward, still eating his cone, and not going anywhere.

A police officers shows up and makes everyone pull off the road. Now the officer is gone and we are parked next to the curb beside someone’s house. The man in the round car knows them, and for some reason, we get out too. They start arguing, so I go back to my car. Opening the door, I notice that is has filled up with water, so I have to open up the drain on the floorboards (because obviously this happens a lot in dream cars or I wouldn’t have a drain).

Suddenly, I’m at work and I keep falling asleep. No matter what I do, I can’t keep my eyes open. I look beneath my chair and there is my sister, asleep on the floor. This causes no stress or red-flags, whatsoever, and I simply get up from my chair to go to the restroom. As I enter, the walls have colored lines on top of the hideous wallpaper. My boss, Janelle comes in and says that we are redecorating the restroom and she needs help picking a color. I can’t decide and go back to my desk, still fighting my urge to slumber. My sister has since woken up, but is still sitting on the floor. I grab a package of plain M&Ms and start eating, hoping this will help me stay awake.

And then the alarm goes off.

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  1. Kenny says:

    LMAO!! What a funny dream. The vision of the man eating an ice cream cone and leaning forward trying to get his concept car going was great!!

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