gGram • mar [gram-er]


1. the study of the way the sentences of a language are constructed; morphology and syntax

2. a device, as a body of rules, whose output is all of the sentences that are permissible in an given language, while excluding all those that are not permissible

3. when used incorrectly in front of a writer (either in print, electronic, or spoken form), it is the equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard

Author Quotes on Grammar

“It’s hard to take someone seriously when they leave you a note saying, ‘Your ugly.’ My ugly what? The idiot didn’t even know the difference between your and you’re.” ~ Cara Lynn Shultz

“Grammar makes the difference between feeling you’re nuts and feeling your nuts.” ~ Author Unknown

“No iron can pierce the heart with such force as a period put just at the right place.” ~ Isaac Babel

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7 Responses to Grammar

  1. Dillon Foley says:

    I’m not the best at proper grammar, but seeing how other people completely fail makes me feel better about myself.

  2. Hunter says:

    Great theme for your A-Z. I did grammar (in apps) also for the G day, so loved your quotes. I’ll stop back to see what you provide on the X and Q days.

  3. I am assaulted by the debauchery of the English language daily. The email I read just before taking this break said: “I didn’t pourn no more after he says not to.” I kid you not. He was trying to say that he was pouring a chemical and he stopped pouring it when he was told to do so.

    One of my favorites took me a lot of sounding out because the context was not enough to help me figure out. The word was ‘reef’ instead of ‘wreath’.

    This is one of my pet peeves. It takes all my strength not to run around correcting everything and sending it back to them marked up.

  4. Love all these quotes. Nothing tickles my funny bone quite like grammar humor. I blame it on the day job (editing for magazines).

    Happy A-Zing!
    Laurel’s Leaves

  5. charlotte says:

    Nice clean blog with lots of lovely content. So nice to connect and follow

  6. Tui Snider says:

    Haha! Love your take on grammar. You found some clever quotes, as well.

    One of my peeves is when autocorrect steps in on my sentences. Just this morning, it turned “were” into “we’re” and I posted before I caught it. Argh!

    ~Tui Snider~
    @TuiSnider on Twitter
    My blog: Tui Snider’s Offbeat & Overlooked Travel
    I am also part of the #StoryDam team, a friendly writing community!

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