Last night, while working on my current manuscript, I hit a wall I couldn’t get around. Now, I’ve hit walls before, but this one was HUGE. I stopped writing and just let the story sit as it was. But all night, I thought about it. How was I supposed to get to the next scene, let alone the end of the story, from this point? It frustrated me to no end to have this ‘scene’ stop me so completely. I wanted to just stop writing. I wanted to start work on another story that was maybe a bit easier.

But that’s not growing as a writer, is it?

And besides, this current manuscript is one I’ve put down before…like a few years ago-before. And I was afraid that if I put it down again, I would never finished it. That single thought kept me from deleting the entire file from my computer. This story keeps resurfacing for some reason. Maybe so I’ll finish it and it’ll be out of my head. Maybe because I don’t like to leave things undone like that. Who knows?

So I did what any writer would do – I huffed and threw a tantrum, wrecking my entire desk and computer.

Not really. I vented to my writer friend, Heather. And thankfully, she talked me from the ledge, offering to read what I had so far and help me come up with alternatives.

After reading her email, I felt better, knowing there could always be a way around this wall, even if I couldn’t see it. Maybe someone else could.

And then when my mind was not so tangled up, trying to solve this impossible puzzle, I tweaked a small part of the captive scene, freeing up multiple variations for the story. It was like magic!

So today, I learned something about myself. If I just stop fretting over it, take a deep breath (maybe into a brown paper sack to keep from hyperventilating), and rely heavily on my writing compadres , I can get over any wall that stands in my way.

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