When I was a younger, I watched an episode of “The Outer Limits” (I think). Now if you aren’t familiar with that TV show, it was a lot like “The Twilight Zone”. But in this episode, a man sees this terrible monster kill another person and he’s only allowed to live if he swears to keep what he saw a secret.

Years passed and he kept his promise, never telling another soul. Eventually, he fell in love with this beautiful girl and she asked if he had any secrets. He thought about it for a few moments and then told her EVERYTHING. She then morphed into the terrible monster and killed him for not keeping his end of the bargain.

Since then, whenever I get close to revealing a secret someone has trusted me with, I tend to think of this story and the monster it could unleash. Sometimes we think nothing of letting these little secrets slip. Sometimes the piece of information is so juicy, it’s almost impossible to keep it to yourself.

But if we ever want to be trusted again and keep the friends we have, we must.

So, if thinking about a horrible monster mauling you into lumpy pieces helps keep your mouth shut, then by all means, steal my memory. I’d be more than happy to share and keep you in one piece.

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